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Is it important to insulate my garage door?

Garage door insulation is not a requirement, but it offers several benefits, as our experts say. One advantage is that it helps regulate the temperature inside the garage from the outside weather. This way, power consumption can also be reduced, leading to a cheaper electricity bill.

What does it mean when the sensors are not calibrated?

If the sensors of an automatic garage door are not calibrated, you may experience a delay in response or no response at all when you activate the garage door. A simple calibration should be able to fix this problem and should not be too much of a problem.

How will I know if the problem is with my door opener or the door?

If you notice that your door takes a while to open, do not be quick to get a garage door opener repair. Check the batteries of your door opener first. If the batteries are strong, then your garage door might just need garage door adjustment.

Which manufacturer brand is the best?

There are lots of reputable manufacturer brands available. Some brands prove to be more durable and reliable than others. Our experts will be able to discuss the ones that prove most dependable so that you can choose the one best suitable for your needs.

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