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Read these exceptional, smart tips and learn how to fix cables, springs and other garage door parts

Repairing single torsion springs

Our professional team in Hauppauge, NY advises against attempting to repair garage door springs by yourself. These components carry incredible amounts of tension, which makes them extremely dangerous to handle without the proper training, as such an attempt can result in a serious injury.

Fixing uneven garage door bottoms

One side of the bottom of your garage door can be lower than the other due to frayed cables or slipping off the drum. On the other hand the bottom fixture may also have failed. The solution is to find a new cable and reinforce the material on the lower half of the garage door.

Picking the right garage door for windy regions

In hurricane prone areas, wind-loaded garage doors should be used. Though they are heavy duo to bracing on the back, they are worth the investment. It could be made of wood, steel or even be customized high end doors. Call our company in Hauppauge, for installation of special doors meant for specific purposes like wind.

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